Stonepark 4 Talent (S 4 T)

Out of the shadows comes the biggest and brightest smile in Longford. Alex Sheridan, the junior and overall winner of the Stonepark 4 Talent show.
We are so proud to have had such an array of talent at our show and the competition was very high. The winners of the senior competition, The Styalistics opened the show and set the standard so high. The judges had the most difficult of tasks trying to separate the acts but did and in the most professional manner.
A huge thank you to Kat Mahon, Benny O’ Brien and Maureen Dunne, our judges.
Next on stage was Niamh Sheahan. Leonard Cohen would be so proud of his work to have heard this wonderful take on Halleluiah.
Conor and Tadhg, a class act, took to the stage and their presence was jaw dropping and fun to watch!
Tara Crossan created a haunting opening to her song “Clown” and wow, what a finish! Amazing! Simply outstanding!
Maria and John were excellent! What a double act and what a talent Maria is going to be in the years to come! Keep an eye out for Maria.
Tornado took the stage by storm! A fantastic group of young talent fused together by a very effective and feisty front lady Claire Holland – another group to keep an eye on!

After the break we were treated to a wonderful piece by the 5th Class Chancers and boy are there some chancers in that crew! Class Act followed and the man himself, Mr. Mick Hand entertained the crowd with his take on the Headmaster Eamonn Brennan who was looking a little sheepish! With help from Sean Kenny, John Moran and Eddie McHugh this set up a wonderful second half – very very funny!
While our MC, the very Stylish Joe Flaherty had some problems with Abby’s surname there was no mistaking the amazing talent this young lady was spellbinding is one of many words one could use! She danced so beautifully. Well done Abby Macko!
Next came Unreel…and what an act! 5 young but very experienced and very talented musicians had us all tapping our feet and clapping our hands. Really wonderful to know that traditional music is so well preserved in our young people. Very well done Unreel!
Sarah and Tessa or is that Tessa and Sarah…you choose! The act was simply outstanding. These two young ladies kept the audience entertained by this very energetic act. They really displayed the confidence and style of dancers today.
The amazing, the wonderful, the rare talent that is Alex Sheridan took to the stage and delivered his song with style, confidence and passion. Some people wiped away a sneaky tear but who could blame them? Alex finished his act to the only standing ovation of the night, something for you to remember if you were there to witness. You saw Alex first in Stonepark 4 Talent.

The Spear Tools were the closing act of the night. What a blast that turned out to be! Under the very watchful eye of Sylvia Johnson, this motley crew were put through their paces. Big shout out for Spear Tools…Well done for being such good sports lads and well done Sylvia.
All acts were called back onto the stage and Joe Flaherty had the pleasure of announcing
the junior winner, Alex Sheridan first. Second, the senior winner, Styalistics. The overall winner was next and you could hear a pin drop as Alex Sheridan was crowned overall winner of Stonepark 4 Talent.
A big thank you must go to everyone who helped out in any way leading up to the Stonepark 4 Talent show and on the night itself and to the local community who came out to support this very worthy cause turning the new building at Stonepark into our new school.