Traffic Management Plan

Introductory Statement

This Traffic Management Plan has  been drawn up by Stonepark B.O.M.  in association with Stonepark Parents’ Association. It was felt necessary to draw up this plan to ensure that all risks are identified and agreed solutions sought, to ensure best practice for the safe  passage of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists travelling to our school.


This plan has been drawn up by the B.O.M. of Stonepark N.S. in association with Stonepark Parents’ Association to:

  • Review current practice
  • Conduct a valid risk assessment to identify hazards
  • Consider a traffic management issues that are unique to our school
  • Devise a traffic management plan that will help to ensure the safety of all users.

The core of the policy is that there is clarity and understanding as to how the safe movement of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists can be managed.


  • Parents and pupils of Stonepark N.S. use Grattan’s  car park which is situated across the road from the school.
  • Stonepark N.S. is located on a busy junction between the Athlone Road R397 and Ballagh Road.
  • The R397 is an extremely busy Regional route with several dangerous bends on the Kenagh side approach to the school.
  • Stonepark has recently been ascribed village status and many village traffic calming measures and pedestrian safety enhancement are not in place.
  • A new pedestrian crossing provided by Longford Co. Co in spring 2019.
  • Pedestrians crossing at the present pedestrian crossing can lead to a back up of traffic.
  • From 9a.m. approx. 275+ people have to gain entry to the school, 60+ children and their parents have to exit safely at 2p.m. and 170+ people exit at 3p.m. daily..
  • Pedestrians, cyclists and cars all share the same space.
  • Pedestrian crossing rules are not always being adhered to ie.drivers are not stopping to let pedestrians cross.
  • Speed limits not being adhered to.
  • Pupils being dropped off in undesignated areas.
  • Vehicles parking in bus parking area and disabled parking area.
  • Drivers doing U-turns in the middle of the road outside the school.
  • Cars being parked on the pedestrian crossing and in front of the turnstyle gate.
  • Cars double parked on the road.
  • Children, especially young children, have the potential to dash out on the road at any time without warning.
  • The entrance/exit gate to Grattan’s car park.

Traffic Management Guidelines

After listing the risks, the following guidelines have been drawn:

Drop off Point (mornings):
  • All parents must drop-off their students/children in Grattan’s car park.
  • All cars must park in spaces provided.
  • All children must exit Grattan’s car park at the turnstyle gate located in the middle of Grattan’s wall.
  • All pedestrians must cross at the pedestrian crossing outside the turnstyle gate. Please note; this is the only pedestrian crossing in operation.
  • Longford Gardaí will be monitoring traffic speed and parking.
  • The set down area on the Ballagh Road is for bus  parking only.
  • The set down area at the front of the school is for disabled parking only.
Evening Pick-Up (2pm and 3pm):
  • All infant children will be collected from the designated areas in the school.
  • Parents must park in Grattan’s car park.
  • The set down area on the Ballagh Road is reserved for bus  parking only.
  • The set down area at the front of the school is reserved for disability parking only.
  • Children from First  to Third classes must be collected from the school gate.
  • Older children (4th to 6th classes) may exit the school grounds.
  • All pedestrians crossing to Grattan’s car park must use the pedestrian crossing located across from the turnstyle gate.

Driver Guidelines

The B.O.M. of Stonepark N.S. and Stonepark Parent Association request that all drivers abide by the following rules:

  • Do not park on or block pedestrian crossing at any time.
  • Pedestrians crossing at the pedestrian crossing have the right of way of the road so drivers must stop.
  • Park cars in Grattan’s car park.
  • No U- turns are permitted, please.
  • Slow down, be mindful of our children crossing.
  • Do not stop to drop children off in the middle of the road or park to drop off in bus parking or disability parking area.
  • Take care when reversing out of car parking spaces.
  • The car-park at the rear of the school is for staff parking only (as advised by Allianz Insurance and The Child Protection Procedures for Primary and Post-Primary Schools 2017).  Authorised drivers using the set-down area at the front of the school  or the car park at the rear of the school must follow the one way system.


Stonepark B.O.M. and Stonepark Parents’ Association appreciate your co-operation with this traffic management plan as we endeavour to keep our children safe.

Date of Plan: December 2019

This plan was reviewed after the completion of Stonepark N.S. building project on 6th November 2018.

This plan will be reviewed again in December 2020.